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Pricing Plans

We are offering many types of cards.

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Single Payment Card

  • Card Master/Visa
  • Reloadable No
  • One Time Yes
  • $-Limit $10-990
  • Issuance Fee $10
  • Load Fee 15%
  • Validity 1 Payment Only

OneTime Card

  • Card Visa
  • Reloadable No
  • One Time Yes
  • $-Limit $10-999
  • Issuance Fee $15
  • Load Fee 15%
  • Validity 60 Days

Reloadable Card

  • Card Visa
  • Reloadable Yes
  • One Time No
  • $-Limit $50-$10000
  • Issuance Fee $100
  • Load Fee 15%
  • Validity 4 Year

Type of Cards

Showing the variants of the credit card.

Learn about our cards.

Master Card

Virtual Master debit & credit cards are available.
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Visa Card

Virtual visa debit & credit cards are available.
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Amex Card

Virtual Amex debit & credit cards are available.
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